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Born in 78, I had just one option in life: follow the family’s lineage of soldiers and go to war. So, I started following my father’s footsteps and when I was eleven, I entered the Military School of Porto Alegre, one of the toughest academies in Brazil. Just to give you an idea, 7 different “presidents” studied there to later become rulers of the 25-yearlong dictatorship in Brazil. I stayed there until the end of my high school.


Like you probably noticed it didn't go well. I choose advertising when I turned 16.


My senior career started when I moved from Porto Alegre to São Paulo, hired to work at Lew,Lara TBWA. We had amazing clients such as Nokia, ABN Amro Bank, Tim Mobile and Natura Cosmetics. There I won my first international and national awards. It was a period of discoveries. To be honest, I don’t feel that I knew my country before living in São Paulo. Yes, the size of the city can be oppressing but it also teaches you a lot. I remember looking up the buildings when cycling to work and thinking how small I was. In 2007 I moved to Germany.


In TBWA\Berlin I was the Creative Director for Adidas in German speaking markets. I was also an approved member of the ADC Germany and part of the jury in their annual festival. Work in a big network and winning awards like Cannes, One Show and D&AD was awesome but nothing comparable to the life in Berlin. Imagine for and Art Director the experience of living in Mitte, a neighbourhood with more than 300 art galleries. It was the early years of the Berlin Creative boom and a time where I started to consolidate my creative style: a mix of design, real-life experiences and PR.


After 3 years in Germany, I accepted a new challenge and joined CP+B to start their new office in Scandinavia. Sweden is an example of society and when you live there you understand why they are so humble and creative. I learned as much about digital creativity as on how to be a socially responsible person. It had a profound impact in the way I see a leader must behave nowadays. The respect for diversity, the accountability for your decisions and the ability to listen for everyone opinions


After accumulating enough experience in digital media, I decided to join Tribal DDB/Amsterdam. There I worked mainly for KLM and Philips. As an International ACD, I was also one of the key people responsible for the Adidas Global Pitch for DDB. Those are the years of the Brazilian explosion. The country was about to be the place for the next Olympic Games and the Football World Cup.


In 2011 I moved back to my hometown. The idea was to be the CCO in a creative boutique called DM9Sul. Yes, we got awards. 4 Cannes Lions and over 25 shortlists in 3 years. In the El Ojo de Iberoamerica the agency won a Digital Grand Prix, 3 Golds 3 Silvers and 3 Bronzes. Some other awards worth to mention was a bronze medal in the ADC New York, 2 Webby awards, 2 Graffiti pencils at D&AD.

It was great to be back in Brazil but as everyone knows now, corruption during those to major events (Olympics and World Cup) lead to the biggest economic recession in the history of the country. I didn’t want to stay there with my family, so I decided to move again.

In the Middle East as ECD in JWT Dubai helped the agency with 2 GPs in the Dubai Lynx. The agency won not only awards and respect but performed very well on new business. We got amazing brands to our portfolio like Harvey Nichols, Meraas, National Bounds and Bentley. After only one year in Dubai I was approached for one of the most creative agencies in the world, Africa São Paulo. They offered me to go back to Brazil (again) and lead their biggest client, Vivo Telecon.


Back to Brazil I was the CD responsible for Vivo. The biggest Telecom in South America. I was responsible for a budget of 100 million dollars in media plus 15 million dollars in production. In 12 months, we produced 15 TVCs and a couple of integrated ideas. In 2018 helped the outstanding result of Africa in the Cannes Lions with 2 Silver and 2 Bronze Lions, including the first Glass Lion for DDB Network in their history.

It was a great time, but I’ve learned that all this time living abroad came with a big cost. I started to struggle to adapt to my own country. Brazil can be a beautiful country but the violence in the streets were not helping me with the paranoia of raising two young kids.

The next step came by moving to a small island in the Channel Islands called Guernsey. Here, I’m responsible for being the Creative Director responsible for Art, Design and Activation accumulating a function of Global Design Director. I have teams spread in four different countries and I’m responsible for how the brand expresses itself in all visual channels including advertising, in-store, packaging, branding and technology. It’s being a fun ride so far and if you would like to know me better just send me a message. I always answer.

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